2017 Speakers

Bjork & Lindsay Ostrom

Bjork and Lindsay Ostrom are the husband and wife team behind Pinch of Yum, a food blog that shares photos and recipes with millions of monthly visitors. For the last three years, Lindsay has cooked, photographed, and self-published two ebooks while Bjork has optimized the site for traffic and monetization, posted monthly income reports, and happily eaten leftover blog cookies. In 2012, Bjork and Lindsay co-founded Food Blogger Pro, a membership website where they teach new food bloggers about things like advertising, SEO, and affiliate marketing. Lindsay and Bjork live in St. Paul, Minnesota and they love eating Indian food, watching reruns of The Office, and taking their dog Sage to the dog park.


Danielle Liss, Esq.

Danielle is an attorney focused on the legal side of influencer marketing. From contracts to the FTC, Danielle’s goal is to make legal feel more accessible and a little less daunting to bloggers. She is a partner at Businessese and Hashtag Legal.


Alana Woolley

Alana works as the Video Producer on the Pinch of Yum team in Minneapolis. Since joining the team last Summer, she has filmed and edited hundreds of engaging recipe videos for the Pinch of Yum blog and social media accounts. From storyboarding and filming through the technicalities of post-production, she has also worked to teach the ins and outs of video production through online courses. Alana is passionate about visual storytelling and is excited to make video production an accessible and fun task for any blogger!




Katy Widrick

Katy Widrick is a personal trainer and group fitness instructor as well as the owner of Make Media Over LLC, a consulting and managed services company for bloggers, online influencers and small business owners. She lives in St. Petersburg, Florida with her husband and two daughters and when she’s not training for triathlons, she’s probably binge-watching The West Wing or Scandal. Find her at makemediaover.com, katywidrick.com or on social media @kwidrick.



Jenny Melrose

Jenny is a content creator that teaches influencers and entrepreneurs how to monetize and grow their sites over at JennyMelrose.com. After successfully building the lifestyle site The Melrose Family, that replaced her teaching salary, Jenny turned back to her teaching background to create online courses for influencers. She is most well known for her signature Working with Brands e-Course and her Masters membership site. You can also find her interviewing her favorite entrepreneurs on her podcast Influencer Entrepreneurs with Jenny Melrose.

Danielle Omar, RD

Danielle Omar is an Integrative Dietitian, clean-eating coach, nutrition consultant, and author. She is a passionate food and nutrition educator and founded foodconfidence.com to support busy women on their journey to becoming their healthiest self. She is also the creator of 21 Day Nourish and Nourish for Life, online programs for women who want to change their relationship with food.

Danielle’s expert nutrition advice has been featured in The New York Times, The Washington Post, Buzzfeed.com, Fitness, Shape, and Women’s Health magazine, as well as national television, including The Food Network and NBC Primetime.